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Fishery Products in Türkiye

Much of the biodiversity, richness, and abundance of Türkiye is due to its surrounding and inland waters.

Its natural resources along with technological advances in recent decades have helped develop its potential in aquaculture. Seafood and freshwater fish are exported to more than 90 countries. Türkiye is a world leader in the export of trout, sea bass, and sea bream. Among the 500 aquatic species found in Türkiye are also sand mussels, clams, shrimp, octopuses, blue crabs, and escargots. Fresh fish comes from all of Türkiye’s surrounding seas. The Black Sea, however, provides a significantly higher volume, contributing around 75% of annual catches. The Black Sea anchovy, pilchard, sprat, and horse mackerel are the main species caught in this region. Currently, Türkiye produces large quantities of European sea bass, gilthead sea bream, and rainbow trout. Fish farms are spread across the country in freshwater and sea. However, the Southern Aegean coast, which provides optimum conditions for marine aquaculture, is where most sea bream and sea bass farms are located. Farmed sea bass and sea bream are exported fresh or frozen, as a whole, filleted, or frozen ready meals. Farmed rainbow trout may also be smoked. With its natural resources and technological know-how, the Turkish fishing industry and aquaculture provide this healing food to tables around the world.

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Dairy is an indispensable product in Turkey. From hundreds of types of cheese to fermented products like yogurt and kefir, dairy products play an important role in its economy, lifestyle, and cuisine. Turkey is among the top 10 raw milk producers in the world. Milk and dairy products are exported to more than 95 countries. In Turkey, half of the raw milk produced is processed into cheese, yogurt, ayran, powdered milk, butter, and used in ice cream production. When it comes to healing, one of the most important dairy products is no doubt yogurt. Yogurt’s medicinal properties have long been appreciated. The region’s nomads used yogurt for diarrhea and cramps, and to soothe sunburned skin. Today, yogurt is an important part of healthy eating all over the world. It is a perfect source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, especially calcium, vitamin D, and protein. It lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. There is no question today that fermented foods are essential for our health, especially for the gut. For this, yogurt can act as an antidote while using antibiotics.

Honey brings immense health benefits, natural sweetness, and flavor to our lives. Turkish honey, a result of the country’s rich fauna and long-standing beekeeping culture, with different varieties found all around Anatolia, is unquestionably one of the most healing foods in the world.

The Turkish seafood industry has realized significant investments in processing facilities conforming to EU standards over the last decade, enabling the sector to target meeting modern consumer needs and trends. Recognizing changing trends in cooking and eating habits that require ease of preparation and tangibly healthy products has led the Turkish seafood sector to develop convenience-products that have long shelf-lives, year-round availability, and above all – fresh and healthy properties.

The Turkish Egg Producers Association is a member of the International Egg Commission and keeps abreast of all the latest global developments. Having started egg production in the 1970s, Türkiye has become one of the top ten global egg producers by continually improving the quality of its egg production infrastructure. Also, Türkiye is the 2nd exporter of seabream and seabass in the World and 1st producer of Europe in seabream & seabass and rainbow trout. In addition, Türkiye is the 2nd largest honey producer and 1st producer of pine tree honey in the world.

Thanks to Türkiye's improved production, the products are sold at the most competitive pricing.

Due to its geopolitical position and being a developed country, Türkiye can export to almost anywhere in the world.