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Turkish Fashion

The apparel industry of Türkiye has always been a leading industry thanks to its widespread and innovative manufacturing power.

Our industry differentiates from their global competitors and is in a leading position thanks to especially the positive contribution of “Made in Turkey” label in Turkish textile and apparel products with its; Europe’s largest vertically integrated apparel and textile manufacturing capacity, sustainability, organic and better cotton (BCI), social responsibility, transparency, ethical trade, recycled production, fast supply process, fashion and design skills and flexibility in product development.



The Turkish apparel sector is capturing the future with sustainable and environmentally sensitive production methods.

The Turkish apparel sector, which consists almost entirely of domestic capital, is shaping the global apparel supply chain of the future with its dynamism and end-to-end service capacity

The most important feature of the Turkish apparel sector, which has led development in the past, is that its dynamic entrepreneurs can offer flexible solutions for buyers and customers with solution-oriented and innovative approaches. This makes it competitive in the global markets today and will carry it to the top ranks in the future.

The Turkish apparel sector’s investments are in product development, digitization, and efficiency with new technology. The sector creates its own dynamics and unique products due to the importance it attaches to digital education. Integration into the global value chain is the indispensable development focus of the sector.

Since the products are produced affordably, the import cost is also affordable.

Thanks to its unique geopolitical location and strategic transport network, products are easily delivered to nearly every part of the world