Türkiye's strategic asset: Automotive Industry

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Powerful Türkiye

The rapidly developing Turkish automotive industry has a powerful impact around the world. One of the main resources of Türkiye is the automotive industry. So much so that, it is the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer and 3rd largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe. This size shows that it is the 12th largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. The automotive industry has been the export champion of Türkiye for 17 years in the last 18 years with over 35 billion USD export volume and 1 million units of vehicle export in 2023. Türkiye also has 198 R&D and Design Centers dedicated to the automotive industry. As part of its commitment to transforming its automotive industry, which has historically been a key economic driver in integrating the Turkish economy with the global value chain, and to its vision of making Türkiye an economic powerhouse, Türkiye has introduced its own locally-developed born-electric car built upon strength stemming from the country's long-standing know-how in the area.

A customs union with the EU and the EU candidacy of Türkiye led to the adoption of EU product and environmental standards in the Turkish automotive industry. Concerning these principles, most of the Turkish companies have already acquired EU certificates of quality. The export of the Turkish automotive industry to European countries covers 80% of the total automotive exports in 2023, which is an indicator of the level of technology attained by the Turkish automotive sector.


The role of the automotive industry in the Turkish economy is steadily growing. Besides its potential for creating high-added value, the automotive industry is at the foundation of advances in industrialization and technology. Its growth rate over the years and the export opportunities it provides have made it a significant presence within the Turkish economy. Since 2003, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have invested over USD 18 billion in their operations in Türkiye. These investments significantly expanded their manufacturing capabilities, which in turn led Türkiye to become an important part of the global value chain of international OEMs. Meeting and exceeding international quality and safety standards, today’s Turkish automotive industry is highly efficient and competitive thanks to value-added production.

Türkiye’s young talents, always focused on the future, continually research, develop, and innovate in new designs. Investing in innovative products, Türkiye is taking its place on the stage as one of the most powerful players in the new mobility ecosystem. The Turkish automotive industry has initiated a significant transformation. Investments are being made in electric and hybrid vehicle production, and new technologies are being developed. Under the leadership of established companies in the automotive industry, Türkiye is increasing its production capacity while designing the future from today by supporting start-up investments.

The fundamental philosophy of the Turkish automotive industry is sustainability. To protect the future of our world, the automotive industry is shaping crucial transformations in production. Our industry is ready for green transformation.

The automotive industry is deeply integrated with many fundamental and locomotive sectors such as iron and steel, petrochemicals, textiles, glass, electronics, and machinery. The input the industry contributes to these sectors, its sales revenues, the added value it creates, the real export value realized, and its tax and wage potential have assigned it a key role in the economy. Moreover, the industry and its raw material and supplier industries also generate a huge volume of business and employment for the marketing, dealership service, fuel, financing, and insurance sectors, all of which are key factors in the delivery of automotive products to the consumer.

The importance of Türkiye's geopolitical position, logistics facilities and developments in land, sea, and air transport have made transportation easier in recent years.

On the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye, Turkish automotive industry is always at the forefront of the country’s technological development. Continuous innovations are ongoing in digital dashboard panels, camera and sensor technologies, batteries, charging equipment, innovative materials, multimedia systems and vehicle software.