About us

Türkiye holds a very important place in the global trade with its unique position where the Asian, European and African continents meet. Moreover, this position is nourished with thousands of years of trade culture from the Anatolian lands on the route of historic Silk Road, endowing Türkiye with a unique role to connect the world in production and trade.

Today's Türkiye is one of the world leaders in many high added value industrial products and one of the largest producers in the world in many fields from agriculture to animal products, from mining to service sectors. The hardworking, flexible, solution oriented work culture of the Turkish people is the real power behind the "Made in Türkiye" brand. The Turkish production power raised by the young and highly digitalised population of Türkiye provides a reliable business partner seeking swift, high quality and effective solutions in every sector.

The website Askturkiye.com operates to provide direct connection between global purchasing experts and Turkish exporters. Through this website you can reach and contact thousands of companies operating in dozens of export sectors in Türkiye.  The search module in the portal which introduces Turkish export sectors in a wide range, enabling you to reach all registered exporters in the business sector you are seeking a business partner, whether in end-user products or in derivatives for your business.

After determining the correct business partner for you, you can find swift and high quality solutions for your needs, and live the comfort of products and services "Made in Türkiye".

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) handles global promotion of all export sectors in Turkiye. Also working in coordination with the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, TIM operates with support and participation of all exporter associations, sectors and exporters forming the sectors in who represent Turkish export.