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Ageless Shoes

Türkiye is one of the world’s leading leather and leather products manufacturer and exporter with $1.7 billion of exports to approximately 200 countries.

European Union countries are the most important export markets for Türkiye, which has a 56% share with $932 million worth of exports. Leading these exports are footwear products. The Turkish footwear industry exports to 183 countries. As the 7th largest footwear manufacturing sector in the world and with a continuously increasing production capacity, the sector exports 280 million pairs of footwear, which is almost half of its total production. While leather shoes make up a significant part of these exports in terms of value, sports shoes, and shoes made from textile have also increased in parallel with the changing consumption habits in the world. The footwear sector attracts the attention of international brands due to its flexible and fast production capabilities and host of new investments. The Turkish footwear industry is producing high-quality products in compliance with sustainability and corporate social responsibility. With its highly qualified and well-trained labor force, advanced logistics, and trendy design capabilities, our country is ready to produce for the world. 

Ageless Accessories

The leather products industry is among the important stakeholders of the leather and leather products sector with exports worth $229 million. Within the framework of today's consumption trends, the sector’s investments in designs and branding will increase the awareness of Turkish leather and especially leather products in the near future. The industry which produces leather bags, wallets, belts, suitcases, backpacks, and more, currently exports to 186 countries with a high variety of products. The sector continues to increase its market diversity and its share in these markets.

The leather products sector is a leading sector that combines design and experience for the benefit of the consumer. Hand craftsmanship and technology are very important in this sector. The craftsmanship has been carried over across generations leading to years of experience and a great advantage for the sector.


Leather and leather product companies throughout Türkiye place great importance on social compliance as well as high and flexible production capacity for almost all product groups. For instance, our tannery sector companies are members of the Leather Working Group (LWG), which is recognized worldwide. The amount of certified companies is increasing with each passing day, and environmentally friendly production is becoming the basic motto of the sector.

While product diversity is increased by integrating the concept of fast fashion, production capability and added value are strengthened by closely following the latest trends in fashion and technology. With yearly international design contests held by Exporters’ Associations, young designers continue to be brought together with the sector which continues to invest in its workforce and technology for value-added production.

Türkiye's advantageous production and design capabilities allow for the export of products with the highest quality and fairest prices.

The shoe sector has a huge advantage in terms of logistics thanks to Türkiye's geographical location and strategic transport network, as well as its scalable, flexible, and fast production capability due to its differently sized companies. While the integrated facilities allow for high quantities of production, SME firms with their flexible production structures are able to produce and deliver smaller orders quickly and can perform fast and boutique production according to the customer’s demands.