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The Turkish electrical and electronic sector is a significant component of the country's economy, known for its dynamic and diverse nature. This sector encompasses a wide range of sub-industries, including white goods (major household appliances), power generation and distribution equipment, cables, and a variety of electronic products.

1. White Goods: Türkiye is a major player in the white goods sub-sector, producing refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and other household appliances. The country is not only a large domestic market for these products but also an exporter, with Europe being a key destination.

2. Electronics: The electronics sub-sector includes the production of consumer electronics, such as televisions, as well as components and smaller electronic devices. This sector is marked by both domestic brands and foreign companies operating in Türkiye.

3. Power Generation and Distribution Equipment: This sub-sector includes the manufacturing of transformers, generators, and other equipment essential for electricity distribution. Türkiye's strategic location bridges Europe and Asia, making it a vital hub for energy transit and sector-related manufacturing.

4. Cables: The cable manufacturing industry in Türkiye supplies a variety of cables for different uses, from simple electrical cables to more complex types used in telecommunications and other high-tech industries.

The Turkish electronic sector has experienced rapid growth and innovation, continually adapting to technological advancements. This adaptability has led to a diverse portfolio of exports, ranging from semiconductor devices to electrical transformers, showcasing the industry's dynamism and capacity to cater to various international demands. Morepver, its strategic geographical location, bridging Europe and Asia, facilitates trade and export to both regions, contributing to its prominence in the global market.

In terms of the comparison with the world, Türkiye is the 2nd producer of household appliances; the 4th exporter of household appliances and the 8th exporter of cables in the world.



In the Product Group, the export of refrigerator and cooler was realized as $ 1.130 million, while the export of washing machines was $ 991 million. The highest share in exports of TV receivers Product Group 1.294 million$, while the highest export countries, in order are; the United Kingdom (443 million), Germany (259 million), France (143 million $), and Spain ($104 million).

University-industry cooperation provides Türkiye with extra benefits in product development and improvement.

While export rates quadrupled since 2000, 69% of Turkish Consumer Durables are exported to EU Countries. Türkiye is the #1 producer of household appliances in Europe and #2 in the world.

Türkiye stands out with its quality and affordable products compared to its competitors.

For the reason of Turkiye's geographical location, transportation by land, sea, and air is provided much more easily.