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Türkiye’s Logistics

Türkiye shines as a point of attraction with its central location offering unique opportunities. Logistical conveniences and accessibility continue to increase the investment appeal of the country. Foreign investment of $ 1.9 billion over the last 10 years is just one of the key indicators that reinforce this.

It is not only a country that takes strength from its position but also makes investments that will strengthen this unique position. It is the country where road, sea, rail, and air can be used effectively in international trade. With the contribution of investments, improvements, and regulations, it aims to achieve a bigger share of the global logistics market which is currently valued at $5 trillion. While direct transport can be made by road to 70 countries from our country, a population of 1.5 billion can be reached with a 3-hour flight by air. The fastest and uninterrupted service to the railway line from China to Europe can be carried out via Türkiye, and it can serve all kinds of sea transportation with currently existing container and ro-ro ports. 

Türkiye’s Aviation

The aviation sector in Türkiye continues its rapid growth. In the last 15 years, the number of annual air passengers in Türkiye has increased from 34 million to 210 million, whereas the number of annual landings and takeoffs at Turkish airports increased from 360 thousand to 1.4 million. During the same period, sector revenues grew almost tenfold, from $2.2 billion to $20 billion, and the number of jobs generated by the sector increased from 65 thousand to 200 thousand.

Apart from being located as a natural hub with its geographical location, the airport infrastructure investments which took place during the past 20 years, privatization of airports, and the growing fleets of Türkiye-based carriers have all contributed significantly to the fast development of the country’s aviation sector. With its developing aviation sector, our country became a leading player in the region and evolved into a hub which offers direct connections to over 300 destinations in the world. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in 20 years it will be within the top 10 aviation markets in the world, doubling its current passenger number.



Anatolia has a rich cuisine thanks to the different ingredients that the land provides for its people. The people of these lands brought together different foods and selected the dishes that had the most excellent flavors. Ashura is one of these dishes. Ashura, which brings together forty different kinds of ingredients, describes the taste of Turkish tourism.

Although technical consultancy services are an independent sector, almost all major projects that are being carried out or planned to be carried out in the world are designed and managed by technical consultancy companies. The fact that Türkiye acts on win-win principles makes Turkish contracting firms advantageous. The effectiveness of Turkish contracting companies in overseas projects is steadily increasing. Turkish contracting companies are now preferred for transportation, infrastructure, and dam projects in many countries.

Türkiye interacts in various countries by exchanging information in education, R&D, transfer of technology, and student-academic exchange programs by signing cooperation agreements in different frameworks. We believe that all these collaborations will raise the bar of our education sector and bring us closer to our goals. The projection we put forward is based on more technology, R&D, innovation, education, promotion, and integration. We are working hard towards the goal where Türkiye is a regional training base and exports qualified knowledge and manpower. We focus all our energy and investments in line with these goals.