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This Cookies Practice Policy is valid for all websites, branded websites (facebook, instagram, twitter etc.) and applications used for these websites belonging to Türkiye İhracatçılar Meclisi-Türkiye Tanıtım Grubu (“TİM/TTG”) and its affiliated exporters associations (“Site”).

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What does it mean cookies applications?
Cookies applications are data files set up in your computer (or mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc.) by a web server, via your browser. Cookies usually include the name of the website from which they were taken, their cookie lifetimes (how long to keep them on your device), and a unique number value that is usually generated randomly. In addition, cookies help you remember your preferences regarding the Website when you visit the site again. Web sites use cookies to recognize you when a connection is established between your browser and the server. Cookies are designed to make a web site more convenient to use for its visitors.

Intended Use of the Cookies
We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website, to make measurements to improve your usage experience, to customize our website for you, to make future designs by evaluating user experiences. We also use these cookies to keep anonymous statistics without a username. Additionally, we use these cookies to promote TIM’s, TTG’s services, export of Turkish products and services, TIM’s affiliated exporter’s associations and provide information about foregoing topics to people using our websites.

Lifetime of the Cookies
Session cookies are temporary cookies which are stored in the user's browser until they exit online channels. 

Persistent cookies are stored in the user's browser until the user deletes them. The lifetime of cookies may vary depending on the user's browser settings.

Third Parties’ Cookies
We work with some third party suppliers who adjust the necessary cookies on your behalf when you use TIM/TTG's websites so that they can make the necessary cookie settings on your behalf. You can also get cookies from third party websites and domains when you visit our websites.

How Can I Delete Cookies?
Depending on the browser program you are using, deletion and cookie acceptance settings vary. However, many internet browsers automatically accept these cookies. If you reject the message shown to you on our website, cookies will not be placed on your computer by our site. To delete these cookies, you can use the delete cookies function in the delete history section of your internet browser.

You can get information about how to delete cookies by examining the cookies sections, delete cookies from the help menu of the internet browser you use.