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Process of Artwork

Carpets are a short and dense pile, flat or patterned thick mat that is woven using textile material and generally functions as a floor covering.

The carpet is woven with a separate pattern thread on the warp threads, the knot is knotted into different shapes, and a few rows of weft threads are passed and compressed so that they have a pile face with the same height or locally embossed pile. They are traditionally produced by handweaving methods and in modern days by hand or machine weaving or by tufting. While hand-made carpets exhibit a production structure based on motifs developed through labor-intensive work and historical-cultural heritage, machine-made carpets have a production structure that can be categorized as capital-intensive but also as labor-intensive and technical textiles.


The characteristics of carpets are different from each other. Machine-made carpet has the pile bonded on a thick floor and as a result, it consists of pile warps in the warp direction. While the knot is put on the warp with a separate thread in the hand-made carpet, the pile surface in the machine carpet is formed by the U warp of the pile warp with the wefts. Tuft carpet is formed by the weaving of tuft threads on a previously woven floor texture. Türkiye is a unique country that has applied all these methods in the most professional way for centuries.

Turkish carpets have special meanings and Scorpio, Hook, Eli Belinde, Hand and Finger, Bird, Hair Tie, and Tree of Life are the most frequently used traditional motifs.

Turkish carpets are suitable for the decoration of walls and floors with their special textures. Thanks to their fine processing, they are not only beautiful but also magical with their textures. It can be a meaningful gift or function as part of a legacy.

Türkiye is one of the countries where you can buy the most special artworks at affordable prices with pricing that remains appropriate for the product’s quality.

Türkiye connects Europe to Asia and is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Aegean, and the Black Sea, so it can easily deliver products to almost anywhere in the world.