Turkey Exports In Formula Speed

16 March 2021

The Formula 1 Istanbul Grand Prix was evaluated as a very important instrument for increasing the perception and value of Turkish goods therefore a global digital advertising campaign and sponsorship content were designed for the relevant event. With the emphasis on the fact that our country is a flexible, fast, reliable, and strong business partner in the pandemic and post-pandemic periods and regarding the "ask Turkey" motto, advertising campaigns were carried out on two different channels which video content sharing via F1 official website and F1 official mobile application and content sharing via social media specific to 12 target countries that are both in the export master plan and where Formula 1 events are popular and have high interaction. As a result of the campaign, nearly 9 million interactions and about 6,000 website visits were reached in 12 countries, including the USA, England, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico.