Türkiye's first block export train is on the rails of Marmaray - project of century!

16 June 2020


Our train, which will start a new era in terms of our country's exports, will be the first export train of our country that will go directly from Anatolia to Europe thanks to Marmaray.


The destination of the cargo on the train will be Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland.

Tthe export block train carrying automotive parts and white goods produced in Türkiye, will depart today at 17.00 at Sakarya Arifiye train station. The train, which will give a new dimension to export transportation, will travel directly to Europe using Marmaray. 

Aykut Sunci, director of Reysaş International Transportation,  reported that the train, which will pass through Marmara at 23.59 pm, consists of 36 containers and will leave Kapikule at Halkalı station tomorrow morning. The train will reach the station in Sopron, Hungary, 5 days later, transferring Sunci, 6 customers on the train said that the company's products.

"The freight on our train will be delivered to Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland by trucks from the station in Sopron., "he said.